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I've introduced myself on this community before, but since I'm posting again I'll reintroduce myself for newer members.

I'm a homeless 22-year old female. But just because I'm homeless that hasn't stopped me from doing volunteer work. Instead of hanging out in the shelters all day at at programs for the homeless I spend my time volunteering at various organizations in my area- including Ronald McDonald House and a local children's hospital. I've done a lot of work with kids with cancer after my best friends 4-year-old daughter, Carissa died of AML (leukemia) nearly 4 years ago. Below is Carissa's story. And I’m posting 3 other posts related to volunteering with kids with cancer. If any of you have done similar volunteer work I'd love to hear about it!

If you are interested in volunteering with the homeless in your area, feel free to read my journal, being_homeless. I frequently put suggestions in there related to volunteer work.

Also- have any of you ever volunteered for Food Not Bombs? I may be working on a newspaper article for my local homeless paper on FNB, and would love to hear stories of FNB all over the country and around the world!

Enjoy the posts! (I'm crossposting to a few communities, so sorry if you end up reading these more than once…)
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